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Welcome to

Supplier of Eco-Friendly Paint Stripper & General Coating Removers

The benefits of chemical paint stripper with none of the hazards
100% biodegradable - To
tal peace of mind for Health & Safety and the Environment

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RemovAll paint stripper contains none of the dangerous chemicals found in conventional, hazardous paint strippers such as methylene chloride. Instead it uses a little science to successfully lift a variety of coatings including epoxies, polyurethanes, alkyds, powder coatings, gloss, emulsions etc.

RemovAll paint stripper is also very effective at removing specialist industrial and military coatings including: Plastisol, CARC  (chemical agent resistant coating), and coal tar epoxy. In addition, RemovAll paint stripper will take off  hazardous coatings such as asbestos and artex.



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There is a
RemovAll paint stripper solution for 
every industry & application:

  • DIY
  • Leisure Marine
  • Transport
  • Buildings 
  • Trains
  • Furniture Restoration
  • Aviation
  • Ultrasonic tanks


  • Commercial Marine
  • Military vehicles
  • Offshore
  • Graffiti
  • Dip tanks
  • Asbestos & artex removal
  • Industrial


RemovAll should be your paint stripper of choice:



Water based
Does not burn the skin
Non toxic, non carcinogenic
Non flammable
Non ozone depleting
Low VOC content
No toxic or hazardous air pollutants
Fully biodegradable
Low odour
Not classed as dangerous cargo
Multiple layers removed with one application
    (to bare metal etc)
Stripper works without constant intervention
    allowing other jobs to be done while stripper 
Reduced man-hours
Reduced volume of waste
Reduced cost of waste disposal
Elaborate containment systems not required
Easy clean-up

RemovAll paint stripper uses SARA* technology - to see how it works click here: 

(* Selective Adhesion Release Agent)

paint stripper is a truly remarkable development in safe coating removal

Product Information

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Registered in England, no. 5958999

M.C. Designs 28 March 2015