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 Industrial Paint Stripper

The safe alternative to methylene chloride, phenol and formic acid-based products, Removall 510 and Removall 210 are effective in a wide range of industrial applications :

Chemical plants & refineries


  • Bridges
  • Storage tanks
  • Military vehicles - approved by MOD & Alvis / Vickers Defence. Removall 510 removes chemical agent resistant coating 
  • Clad structures, Plastisol etc.
  • Virtually any coating - including hazardous coatings - see below
  • Concrete floors, metals, plastics


Removall 510 paint stripper is NATO codified - NATO Stock Number: 99-871-5945

General Industry




Trains & military 
vehicles etc



Dip Tanks

Removall 200 is a clear liquid stripper designed for dip tank use and based on the same SARA
technology. It is virtually odour-free and does not give off any toxic or unpleasant fumes. A water jacket is therefore not required, making life much simpler. Keeps health & safety inspectors blissfully happy too!

For accelerated results Removall 200 can be heated up to 40 deg C or used in ultrasonic baths. Ideal
for removing multiple layers of paint or powder coating from hooks, panels, components etc

The results speak for themselves: hook coated with multiple layers of powder up to 1.5mm thick stripped in ultrasonic tank in less than 6 hours using
Removall 200


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As an alternative to RemovAll 200 we now stock Neo-Ecostrip500. 
Neo-Ecostrip500 is equally effective at coating removall and has similar green credentials.
Neo-Ecostrip500 can also be used as a cleaning agent in ultrasonic tanks

For more information on Neo-Ecostrip500 please click here

Hazardous Materials and Coatings

Removall can also be used to safely & effectively remove hazardous materials and coatings  such as asbestos, artex and lead based paints

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