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  Product Information &
Select the Removall paint stripper from the charts below, according to the surface to be stripped. Sprayed & brushed products are available, giving a wide choice of options for both industrial and DIY users

Removall products come in 2 or 3 different sizes - check the charts below for availability. 

See the data sheets for guidance on use and the tools required. We can also offer advice on professional airless spray equipment. Other items & tools can be found at the foot of this page - see the revolutionary P*erago stripping tool   

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Spray grades

Product Description 4 ltr 20 ltr 205 ltr Data sheet & instructions
RemovAll 210 Industrial grade stripper for metals, concrete, plastics. Also GRP (but see 610 below)   tds_210.pdf
RemovAll 310 Architectural paint stripper for, masonry, wood, brick, etc. Also asbestos & artex   tds_310.pdf
RemovAll 510 Heavy industrial grade stripper for metals, plastics etc   tds_510.pdf
RemovAll 610 Anti-fouling & other coatings from GRP   tds_610.pdf
SV-35/PMA Aviation grade stripper. Formulated for spray application but can be applied by other means   tds_SV-35/PMA.pdf

Dip Tank

RemovAll 200 Clear liquid stripper for dip tanks   tds_200.pdf
EcoStrip500 Clear liquid stripper for dip tanks       tds_nes500.pdf

Overspray, graffiti & gunge remover



4 ltr 20 ltr Data sheet & instructions
RemovAll 400 Graffiti, overspray & gunge remover, for any non-porous surface or transparency


Brushable grades (DIY & industrial use)



4 ltr 20 ltr 205 ltr Data sheet & instructions
RemovAll 220  Brushable stripper for metals, concrete, brick, render, paving, some plastics   tds_220.pdf
RemovAll 320 Brushable stripper for wood, stone, 
plaster, ceramic tiles
RemovAll 520 Industrial brushed product for metals. Removes all types of paint & powder coat   tds_520.pdf
RemovAll 620 Brushable stripper for use on GRP   tds_620.pdf


The Unique P*ERAGO Rotating Blaster

For effective coating & rust removal

The P*erago blaster uses hard metal studs to hit the surface very much like the grains of a sandblaster, and produces much the same result but without the mess

Also available: P*erago scraper for wood & filler

Click here for more info on the full P*erago range (perago)

Other Products

Waste Paint Hardener



WPH provides an easy, cost effective method for disposing of leftover paint and water-based liquids. Most latex and acrylic paints are non-hazardous but cannot be disposed of in land fill sites as a liquid

Sprinkle some WPH into the tin and stir. The paint will rapidly turn into a solid that is easily and legally disposed of!

WPH will even solidify pure water! Useful in the marine industry for drying out bilges etc. Simply sweep or vacuum up
Quickly Hardens:
Latex & Acrylic paints plus all water-based liquid products

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